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Brittni Was Here
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in brizzle1193's LiveJournal:

Sunday, February 27th, 2005
6:46 pm
Thanks Mel and Brighid for an awesome will and grace cocktail night! I really had fun. And to all those who came i had a good time.
Monday, February 21st, 2005
12:39 pm
Girls Night
I don't know who all will see this, but I just wanted to thank the girls for the girls night. I had a really great time. I seriously have not been to a girls night since like the 6th grade, so I am glad you all invited me. I loved the movie "Amelie", it made me really want to just get out and do something out of the ordinary. Just to see who might notice. You can never really know what kind of an effect you have on people unless they tell you, and very few people do that. My week in Ashland was super fun. I got to know a lot more people in the drama dept. I also got to realize that a lot of them are people I can do without knowing. They can be very rude and judgemental. You know when you can tell that someone is just not a noce person? Well, when I was around people like that, I would get the sudden erge to just run away. But i didn't. I was super nice to them to try and counter the nastiness. It prolly won't work but I guess it is worth a shot. Especially since they all are supossedly "somebody" in the dept.
Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
1:32 am
Matthew Riggins is the most disgusting guy alive! I hope everyone knows this by now. Anyway, today: so long. So tired. Tired of feeling obligated to do things: rehearsals, class, etc. I was chatting in class with a good friend of mine today, and we decided that we are both in our "winter mood." This means that we are liable to be very moody, depressed a lot and we have the hardest time motivating ourselves to just get out of bed. It explains everything. One might think that this is due to a certain monthy episode each woman goes through, but that doesn't continue for a month. Once its spring I think I will be a much nicer person. Not to say that I am not happy, because I am. I just can easily lose that feeling and then regain i tjust as quickly. It's just weird.
Monday, January 31st, 2005
11:34 am
I debated whether or not to appear in class this morning. The devil on my shoulder got the best of me and I didn't go.

Current Mood: indifferent
1:11 am
Live Journal Virgin
Wow, okay, so i just started this thing and I have no idea what I am doing. I got this so I could comment on other people's entries. We will see how it goes.
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